Timothy Cheruiyot

Olympic Silver Medalist & World Champion

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Home is where the heart is

Once an Olympian. Always an Olympian. @tokyo2020 πŸ₯ˆ

Hello 2023. Back on track @nike

Thanks for the key chain. Love it! @artiken

Rentals βœ”πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ

Great crowds. Thanks Birmingham.

It feels great to be back at another Commonwealth Games after 4 years. For sure I really wanted the Gold but I'm thankful to get a Silver again. Congrats @ollihoare & to my fans thanks for all your support. πŸ“· @ayodikelly #Finals #Birmingham #Track #Running

To compete on the big stage is what we train for as Pro athletes. At @wchoregon22 I did my best with the fitness I had. It took me to 6th in the world. Congratulations to @jakeswightman. You beat ALL the 1500m Tokyo Olympic medalists & you deserve the Gold. It's an amazing feeling being a Champion! I will never forget my Doha 2019 Gold winning race, an upgrade from Silver in London 2017 and 7th before that in Beijing 2015. It takes many years of hard work. And we do it all over again next year - Budapest 2023. πŸ“· Getty Images #America #Worlds #Eugene #Mindset #OnlyUp